Butale (2018)

The Dance Centre this time presents it’s creativity and playfulness in eleven witty stories about the people of Butale. Come and see for yourself that in Butale it is possible to sow salt, expand the church, fall deeply in love, fight with terrible terrible Turks, and more and more ...

"In the course of the years, Butale became too small for all of them, but the younger generation was plucky enough to go and explore, and so some settled along the Drava river, some along the Mura river, some even reached the sea and set up fireplaces there.

However they stayed, what they were. "

Concept and script: Maja Arzenšek and Marko Urbanek

Choreography: The Dance Centre instructor

Dancers: The Dance Centre dancers

Butale hosts: Maša Arsenovič, Rania Naji, Ana Kulaš, Čarna Lampret, Ajda Mulec

Design and sound: Marko Urbanek

Illustration: Amy Anne Kennedy

Narrator: Rene Puhar