Loop the loop

Loop the loop (2018)

Do bodies move from their own impulses or are they a consequence of a system? Loop the question and loop the movement. The project is a journey between placed compositions and finding authentic artistry within the move with three diverse movers inspired by drums music from Monastery Putna cultural centre. The creator of the project works with repetitions to question authentic movement and finds different dynamics to it. We loop inside mind patterns - known thinking ways in the fear of opening up and finding new ones. Strong closed system of dance academy pushed the creator of project to question freedom, how much do the systems around us block us? Do we want to loop on the same spot or do we step out of loops, systems and find human connections? The project leaves the questions open to the audience, where it is not important to find the answer, but to let it be in the moment with the dancers.

Author: Maja Lamovšek