Madonna, Cigarettes, and Pidžitou

Madonna, Cigarettes, and Pidžitou (2008)

The performance "Madonna, Cigarettes, and Pidžitou" is a dance performance with an autobiographical content. It explores different eras of author's life. The retrospective follows no defined structure or time order, but rather, similar to the process of recalling a memory, ventures through a series of temporal and thematic leaps and a string of complex associations - and with that another variation of the author's understanding of himself and his worldview.

Choreography, music: Marko Urbanek

Dance: Maja Arzenšek, Maja Logar, Ajda Pfifer, Aleša Drevenšek, Katarina Barbara Kavčič, Jure Masten, Marko Urbanek

Costume design: Mira Tancer, Marko Urbanek

Co-production: SNG Maribor