Over the Night

Over the Night (2015)

We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep. (William Shakespeare, The Tempest)

The show deals with the search for the beginnings and ends of situations that arise between the bodies on stage. The situations are elaborated, exposed and manipulated. Parallel to this, the show paints the transition from youth to old age, and raises questions of existence, inclusion, provocation, criticism and creates contrast between what is real and that, which floats above it.

Morally acceptable, but the systemically undesirable. The status quo, which remains and resists changes. Does not do anything. Does not see, hear, nor speak. The game of bodies creates a tangle of dilemmas and their tensions triggers the moment of decision.

It can happen overnight.

Choreography: Katarina B. Kavčič, Jure Masten

Dancers: Tina Benko, Ana Germ, Amy Anne Kennedy, Simona Kočar, Monja Lorenčič, Anja Möderndorfer, April Veselko

Original music: Marko Urbanek

Costume design: Nena Florjančič

Dramaturgy: Andreja Kopač