Repugnant's Christmas Conspiracy

Repugnant's Christmas Conspiracy (2011)

One winter day when the evil shaman Repugnant was terribly bored, she watched people preparing for Christmas celebrations. All these gifts, decorations and corniness were getting on her nerves already. Angry, she decided to put a curse on Christmas and conjured up anything but pleasant celebration for people, at which she had incredible fun.

Conceptual design: Ajda Pfifer, Maja Arzenšek, Maja Logar, Marko Urbanek

Choreography: Ajda Pfifer, Jernej Tratnik, Jure Masten, Maja Arzenšek, Maja Logar, Marko Urbanek, Miha Poznič, Sandi Žmaher, Suzana Majer

Dance: Plesalci KD Center plesa

Scenography: Nuša Katarina Murovec

Narrator: Rene Puhar

Audio processing, text, design: Marko Urbanek

Costume design: Mira Tancer, Nina Logar, Marko Urbanek

Light design: Darijan Jaušnik