SSPJ (2018)

Contemporary dance - - -

Moving. Resting.

Human body, multiple possibilities of expression.

Walking, sitting, running, looking, hugging, jumping, turning, screaming.

A mediator between an individual's internal universe and surroundings, with an innovative use of the entire body mechanics. Moving the boundaries of the known, and re defining the body.

Fluidity, boldness, abstraction. Micro feelings in the body.

A serious artistic practice with relatively high entry barriers for outsiders?

Free mind.

Approaching the body with curiosity, acceptance, and without fearing the unknown.

Ground. Rolling.


Openness for interpretation, openness to misunderstanding.

Accessibility. Every day, everywhere.


The project will provide the audience with a platform for a different perception of stage movement, fluctuating somewhere between abstraction and concretization. We will touch upon the issue of misunderstanding understanding of contemporary dance, trying to bring it closer to the wider audience with the help of the elements they are familiar with: sound, video, text, and concise movement actions.

Concept, choreography & dance: Katarina Barbara Kavčič

Dramaturgy: Nika Leskovšek

Music: Marko Jaušovec (EMVI)

Song: Kukla; Mitraljez

Set design: Vita Kolar (EMVI)

Video: Kristina Rešek

Light design & technical solutions: Janko Oven

Costume design: Nena Florjančič

Creative droducer: Katja Somrak

Produced by: Dance Theatre Ljubljana – PTL Debut 2017

Co-produced by: KD Center plesa Maribor

Thanks to: Boris Revo, GT22, all survey participants & extras

The programme of Dance Theatre Ljubljana is subsidized by the Ministry of Culture RS and Municipality of Ljubljana, Department for Culture.