Survive/Live (2011)

The project "Survive/Live" is based on creative union of the arts of dance, performance, audio-visuality, and music into a unique story that represents the connecting power of culture and creativity in today's individualized and disconnected society. In its core it represents a wholesome intermedia experience that takes the audience into a synthesis of sound and images, and demonstrates the divide between the repetitive system of postmodern society which downgrades people to instrumental objects and the creative potential of the human mind that inspires to create and to change. It materializes into the form of a show made up of dance performances, live instrumental and electronic music, and audio-visual projections, which together allow for simultaneous presentation of events on multiple levels.

Conceptual design, written and directed by: Maja Logar in Žan Lebe

Original music: Marko Urbanek, Sašo Sandič in Žan Lebe

Lead photographer: Uroš Abram

Best bear: Žiga Brdnik

Dance: Ajda Pfifer, Aleša Drevenšek, Maja Arzenšek, Maja Logar, Špela Paskolo

Live music: Sašo Sandič, Žan Lebe

In association with Društvo hedonističnih kreativcev.