The Dance That Carries My Message

The Dance That Carries My Message (2009)

"The dance that carries my message" is an educational and a cultural project, which, has been running under the auspices of the Dance Centre, from the beginning of 2009 and is a product of the creative work of five dancers who have busied themselves with composition, improvisation, and spilling of ideas into motion. They will present a short dance creation of intertwining elements of solo dance and group improvisation.

Mentor: Marko Urbanek

Performing artists: Ajda Pfifer, Maja Arzenšek, Anja Hočevar, Katarina Barbara Kavčič, Matevž Dobaj

Video editing: Marko Urbanek

Music: Sašo Sandič

The project was made possible by JSKD Maribor, Mestna občina Maribor (Maribor municipality) and KID Kibla Maribor.