The Fiery Flow Of Energy 2

The Fiery Flow Of Energy 2 (2008)

Back in the old days, by carrying out daily errands in the old city center, people unwittingly created a composition of events, sounds and movements, forming cozy warmth of the old town center ... Visiting the shoemaker, the seed shop and having fragrant coffee in favorite the cafe...

Today it's different.

What is needed can be done in carefully planned shopping centers at the edge of the city, which can be reached by car and escalators lead to the shops..

The old town center is deserted. Here and there, it fills with people who meet with favorite friends to have a chat, before getting lunch and then slip back into their warm homes.

Old streets are deserted again...

Creations of young dancers will bring freshness and a new wave of energy in the town center.

Let the old town center come to life again, and various projects become a regular feature!

Stop for a moment and surrender to the fiery flow of energy...

Authors: Dance Centre instructors

Dance: Dance Centre dancers