Monja Lorenčič

Monja Lorenčič

Dance education and work: Monja has been dancing since she was six years old. She studied in various dance schools and with many instructors from all over the world. She regularly participates in various dance workshops at home and abroad, and broadens her knowledge of ballet, jazz, modern technique and hip hop.

With Domen they form the duo Moment, with the intention to offer something fresh. To do this, they combine knowledge from the fields of jazz, modern, ballet, hip-hop and breakdance. They build and offer a platform, from which dancers may build their dance careers.

In 2015, they carried out a six-week tour of Australia, where they taught in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne, and danced in local productions. In 2016 they served as judges for competitions and taught at festivals in Italy, Austria, Croatia, as well as having a tour in Scotland, where they are taught in Edinburgh and prepared various teams for UDO competition.

General education: pursuing a degree in sociology and art history

Dance genres: Jazz, Hip-Hop, House, Modern

Workshop instructors : Urban beginners, intermediate/advanced and grownups

Motto: Always do what you're afraid to do. ( E. Lockhart )