Tina Hohnjec

Tina Hohnjec

Dance education and work:
In her youth, Tina's main focus was show dance. As a teenager she performed on many stages, home and abroad, and also on TV shows and by doing so acquired extensive experience in performing. During this time, she learned from many successful choreographers such as: Nika Kljun, Željko Božič, Miha Krušič etc. In 2009, she did her first spin by the pole. She never thought, she would be that impressed by her first lesson. Pole dance presents a new challenge for Tina and she is always excited about the feeling she gets, when makes her body go beyond its limits. She learned pole dance tricks and skills from world-famous names such as Evgeny Greshilov, Natasha Wang, Valeria Parsi and Lolo Hilsum. Tina also attended workshops at the pole studio Body&Pole in New York.

General education: organizer of tourism operations

Dance genres: Pole Dance

Workshop instructor: Pole Dance

Motto: "Believe in yourself. If you don't, who will?"