Aerial Yoga

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Aerial Yoga comes from the United States and is an innovative form of exercise, which prolongs and relieves the spine, activates the muscles of the entire body and provides good blood circulation, balance and coordination. With the use of special Aerial Yoga silk or yoga hammock, you can effortlessly perform a variety of yoga and Pilates positions, as well fun routines from the field of aerial dance. The practice is relaxing, restorative and extremely fun.

The development of Aerial Yoga was heavily influenced by the popularity of acrobatic groups such as the Cirque de Soleil. Dancer and choreographer Christopher Harrison, founder of the Anti-Gravity dance movement, was among those giving the incentive to develop this new type of yoga. Harrison’s special form of exercise achieved great success across the US and in Europe. At the same time other areas Aerial Yoga were developing, some focused more on traditional yoga, other more on aerial dance and acrobatics. People around the world are trying this new, fun and relaxing form of exercise, which has many positive effects, and does not require any special yoga knowledge.

Practicing Aerial Yoga

The special silk hammock is suspended from the ceiling with climbing equipment, consisting of webbing straps, ropes and carabiners. Such installation allows the height adjustment of the hammock, depending on the height of Aerial Yoga practitioner. Most of the exercises are carried out with the silk at hip level, where it acts as a kind of swing, although no swinging takes place while performing the exercises. Most of the exercises start in the plumb position (string with a weight, used to determine the vertical position), which allows us to leave the ground and rise in the hammock in a calm manner.

Exercises can be classified in groups, according to the position in which they are performed. Warm-up exercises begin in a sitting, lying or kneeling position, with hands wrapped around the silk hammock. We slowly build your way up, standing in front of or behind the silk and perform exercises in which we lay one or both legs in the hammock, as well as exercises, where we the silk supports us from under the shoulder blades. This is followed by exercises, where for the first time, we leave the floor and extend the spine in a forward bend over the hammock and finally exercises, where the three-meter wide silk is spread out and we sit in it. This position is ideal for inversions, which Aerial Yoga is most famous for. During these exercises, we wrap the pelvis and thighs in the silk and put the upper part of the body in a backwards bend. Then we finally move into a very pleasant suspended position, in which the spine is completely relaxed and extended. Following are many exercises carried out in the air – where the toughest inversions leave only the shoulders in the hammock; and exercises where we start by standing up in the silk and climb even higher.

For easier transition between positions, we perform some light flips, where the silk helps us maintain control over the body. These flips also allow us to connect different elements in a longer sequence, enabling a flowing transition between them and thus to dance. Attendees especially love the playful part of the exercise, because they can try out various tricks and positions that require a little more courage.

The session is concluded with relaxation that gives an unforgettable feeling. We lie down in the spread-out silk, rock gently and relax every part of our body, while the hammock supports us.

Positive Effects of Aerial Yoga

The special Aerial Yoga silk or yoga hammock can bear the weight of 450 kilograms, and gives support during the practice and makes positions, which would otherwise be quite difficult, easy. Headstands, rolls or the warrior pose become a piece of cake. While doing Aerial Yoga, you are developing strength of the whole body, using your core, and developing spatial intelligence.

Stretching exercises are easy and effective, because the silk distributes the weight. Regular exercise improves posture, as well as strengthens the muscles that stabilize the body, which is also reflected in the daily activities and the implementation of other physical exercises.

Anyone who regularly attends Aerial Yoga, will soon notice positive changes in their body, becoming more capable, agile, stronger and more flexible.

Aerial Yoga in Maribor

In November 2014, Aerial Yoga has finally arrived at Maribor’s Dance Centre. Our offices are located at Tkalski prehod 7.

Marko Urbanek, academic dancer and choreographer, a graduate of the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (modern dance, ballet and yoga), designed the Aerial Yoga program. As a teacher of modern dance, ballet and yoga, he has worked in Maribor and Ljubljana since 2006.



Basic - beginners; learning the basics

Flow - intermediate, exercises are connected in a continuous flow; learning sequences

Power - intermediate, exercises are connected in a continuous flow; learning advanced tricks, flips and sequences

Before committing to Aerial Yoga, you can try it out first. To apply, please send an e-mail to



Wear soft, form-fitting clothes without metal or sharp parts (zippers, snaps, buttons) and for safety reasons, remove all jewelry (earrings, rings, necklaces, piercings). Wear a shirt with short or long sleeves (shirts without sleeves are not suitable).

If you wish to combine Aerial Yoga with other workshops conducted by the Dance Centre, you are eligible for discount for each additional workshop.

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Risk Factors

While Aerial Yoga and Aerial Silks have many positive effects, it is important to exercise caution while doing inversions (upside down positions), especially for people with certain health problems.

Inversions are not recommended for people with glaucoma, heart conditions, low or high blood pressure, history of heart attacks, epilepsy, eye problems or problems with the middle ear. If you suffer from any medical conditions, please, consult the instructor before begging the session and, if necessary, ask your doctor about the suitability of such exercise.

Inversions are also not advisable for persons aged over 55 years.


Pricelist and application

1x week - 37 € / month (4 lessons, 90 minutes each)

2x week - month (8 lessons, 90 minutes each)

Single session - 15 € (90 minutes)

Introduction session - 15 € (60 minutes)

Enrolment fee - 5 € / year

Before committing to Aerial Yoga, you can try it out first. To apply, please send an e-mail to