3rd. Pole

3rd. Pole (2008)

The project "3rd. Pole" deals with the field of artificial intelligence and is realized with the help of advanced technology for motion tracking. The system Vicon-8 with the help of the 12 infrared cameras obtains crude coordinates of the dancer's skeleton. Spatio-temporal trajectories of these coordinates are then processed based on algorithms to identify time patterns or gestures. The dancer can then, based on a predefined vocabulary of whole-body gestures, selectively and in real-time include audio material that accompanies his or hers choreographic elements.

The title "3rd. Pole" indicates the presence of three components, whose arrangement needs to be balanced. The visual image of the dancer through which acoustic material is triggered, but also generates a third haptic component, namely, the pain felt by only the dancer, whose body is connected with the cable, which carries equal to the signal (sound), but in electronic form. This enables a different corporal perception and interpretation of the caused sound, since now the performer does not only have the audible but also a haptic reference - i.e. pain, caused by the electric current - for the choice of his following actions. Each new movement once again changes the audio component, which in turn leads to a slightly different - more or less painful - physical sensation.

Concept, music, programming: Miha Ciglar

Dance, choreography: Maja Arzenšek

Video: Nika Autor

Production: IRZU