Teatro Magico Fantastico

Teatro Magico Fantastico (2008)

Theater within theater; when dancers become actors, the director their choreographer and the curtain never closes…

The project Teatro Magico Fantastico is a simple and fun theater-dance show, which brings together young artists in dance, music, costume design, set design and, of course, the theater, or rather theater directing. The project is designed to give young dance artists, who have been dancing all their lives, a chance to try acting as well. And what could be more suitable than the performance showing three sisters who have a dance theater in their hometown, where they appear each day with different dance act, and when the curtain closes, they return to their everyday lives, their problems, difficulties, loves, fears,….

Written and directed by: Uroš Nikolić

Choreography, dance and acting: Maja Arzenšek, Katarina Barbara Kavčič, Jure Masten, Ajda Pfifer

Music design: Miha Ciglar

Costume design: Maša Gračanič

Production and arrangement of the song "Kiss Goodbye": Tomaž O. Rous

Scenography: Nuša Murovec in Uroš Nikolić

Narrator: Vid Valič

Co-production: SNG Maribor