Ruckus The Gnome

Ruckus The Gnome (2009)

The story of a gnome named Ruckus, who with his instrument friends Ragtags, creates new music, which is always somehow imperfect - rhythmically inconsistent, out of tune, and in addition, without motif. On the other hand, it's a story of a girl who likes to explore and quite by accident discovered the gnome's world and is so fascinated by it she wishes to enter, but her path is crossed by the gnome's tree branch friends Shielders. When she manages to break through, she is given a flute by instruments Ragtags and they play and are merry together. The commotion draws the attention of the deep-thinking creative gnome Ruckus, who interrupted the merrymaking and orders a music test for the girl, as if to say "what have you got to show - why are you disturbing my world?" The instruments Ragtags and tree branches Shielders, astonished, watch their duel, and the gnome Ruckus experiences a revelation, that the girl everything he needs to complete the song. Ragtags, together with Shielders, join the gnome in song, and are accompanied by the girl playing her - missing motif.

Choreography, script: Maja Logar

Literary material, script, music: Tomaž O. Rous

Dance: Hana Ivana Lobnik, Lara Lončarič, Špela Klemenčič, Maruša Črešnar, Danuša Vravnik, Tinkara Puh, Nika Zadravec, Eva Binkovski, Nika Kolmanič, Eva Šulić, Mojca Jarc, Karin Popoušek, Chiara Jandl, Alja Šeter, Brina Solar, Manca Črešnar, Janina Cvetkovska, Maša Mesarec

Costume design: Mira Tancer

Co-production: SNG Maribor