Soup From A Sausage Skewer

Soup From A Sausage Skewer (2010)

From the mouse court, you could hear loud chatter, crunching, singing and laughter. Far around, the wind blew the smell of moldy cheese, thick bacon skin, moldy bread, tallow candles and sausages. It was the spring feast for the mice, prepared by the Mouse King each year. Mice were chatting and the conversation turned to the soup from sausage skewers. Everyone has heard about it, but no one has yet tasted it. The Mouse King decided he should be the first to have a chance to eat this highly praised soup, and therefore he announced that he would marry mouse, who will bring him the recipe for the soup made from sausage skewers...

Project authors: Ajda Pfifer, Maja Arzenšek, Maja Logar, Marko Urbanek

Text: Ajda Pfifer, Marko Urbanek

Original music: Marko Urbanek

Scenography: Nina Logar, Anja Logar

Narrator: Rene Puhar

Poster and flyer design: David Sandič

Costume design: Mira Tancer

Dancing, singing and acting: Nada Lampret, Eva Šulić, Čarna Lampret, Tinkara Puh, Lara Lončarič, Katarina Rijavec, Nika Jamnik Pregl, Taja Jevšnikar, Rania Naji, Mojca Jarc, Ariana Smakaj, Manca Črešnar, Klara Beton, Katja Božič